Best Rooftop Garden Design Ideas To Make it Most beautiful

Roof Top Gardening

If you are living in an urban area, you will hardly have any space outside your home for proper gardening. But when there is a will, there is always a way out. If you do not have a spacious patio or backward, you can always use your rooftop for gardening. In fact, it is becoming a trend in the modern lifestyle mostly because everyone loves gardening and gardening makes any place aesthetically rich. The following is the list of the different rooftop garden design ideas for you to choose from.

Plant With Plan

There should be a diversity in the size of the plants you put on your rooftop. Starting from large plants to small plants and shrubs, there must be a variety. Therefore, you need to have containers of different sizes, and you can also create slabs of cement or thick wood to make the place organized and planned. Moreover, if there is a provision, you should have some raised beds where you can keep the pots. This will add variety as the plants will be at different heights which looks more eye-catching.

rooftop garden-plant with plan

Keep The Boundary Open

If you have a small rooftop, you can create the illusion of making it look big, if you leave the boundary open. If you need to put something, you can use transparent glasses for kids and pets. You can then create a hedge around the border to make people forget that it actually is a rooftop.

Keep The Boundary Open - terrace garden

Invest In Flooring

The flooring of the rooftop is important to make your garden look great. Depending on your budget, the overall d├ęcor of the garden and most importantly, the weather conditions in your region, you should make the flooring of the rooftop fantastic. This will make your garden look extraordinary. A poor flooring never makes a garden colorful and stunning even though there are loads of colorful fruits and flowers.

Invest In Flooring top roof garden

Use The Vertical Space

You might have a small rooftop, but there is no limit on the vertical section. You can use the walls to install pots for small plants. You can plant those trees that grow long and leave the space at the bottom for planting small pots and colorful pants. There are hanging planters and railing planters, and you need to grow a lot of climbers to utilize the vertical space properly.

Use The Vertical Space

Night Lighting

Even though the true color variety of a garden is visible at daytime, the night time can be really interesting if the lighting is proper. There are various types of lights available specifically for gardens. It is better to go for bottom-up lights and LED strips. You should highlight the focus points where the beauty of the rooftop garden is exuberant.

Night Lighting


Add Accessories

The accessories to a garden are the furniture lights and the artificial waterfalls. A waterfall is a must for a rooftop garden to create a focal point and you can also have statues and other attractive items. The furniture set must be there to enjoy the breeze and beauty of the garden, and you can have benches around the railings for the guests to sit in.

Add Accessories roof top gardening

Lastly, you should play with colors on your rooftop garden. There must be plants with different colors of flowers and fruits on them. At times, you can have plants of the same breed but different colors. Besides, there must be variety like you should have shrubs, flower and fruit plants as well as annuals and foliage plants to make it mind-blowing. You can always improvise with these rooftop garden design ideas to come up with your own touches.

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